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IMPRECI TECNOLOGÍA DEL METAL, S.L. is a Navarran company specialising in the machining of high-quality and precision metallic pieces, such as tooling and tools for verification, positioning and fixing.

Impreci Tecnología del Metal S.L.

With its registered address based in Villava (NAVARRE), the company was created in July 2016, taking on the entire IMPRECI S.A. Infrastructure to give continuity to its activity.

Today, the company is formed of various workers from the former IMPRECI S.A., with far-reaching experience in the sector, helping us take on the challenge of ongoing improvement required by the industrial sector. We offer quality and reliable solutions and adapt to client needs at all times.

The Impreci Tecnología del Metal S.L. staff base comprises 18 highly qualified workers, and the company has all the machinery and technology needed to ensure excellent solutions.

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